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  • Post-doc positions
    Nov 1, 2016 to Jan 31, 2017
    lebesgue_money.png Henri Lebesgue Center offers post-doc positions for researchers in mathematics.


    The Lebesgue Center invites to apply for post-doctoral positions in mathematics for a period of six months to a year (renewable once). The hired applicant will conduct his/her research at one of these Insitutes:

    Irmar of Rennes
    LMJL of Nantes
    LMBA of Brest and Vannes
    LAREMA of Angers

    The position is open to all research areas present within the four Institutes. It does not include an obligation to teach.

    The net salary will be 2 100 Euros per month.


    The application is open.

    Sending application: between the 1st of November 2016 and the 31st of January 2017.

    The 12-month positions are expected to begin on September 1st or October 1st, 2017.


    Candidates must have completed a PhD in mathematics, or equivalent, at the date of taking office. The candidate must submit an original research project including a collaboration with one or more local researcher (s) of Irmar, LMJL,LMBA, or LAREMA.

    Applicants must complete the online form where they have to join the following documents:

    • CV describing the candidate's profile and professional experience (list of publications, research topics, activities)
    • Cover letter including the research project
    • At least two letters of recommendation, including one from the local researcher involved in the project
    (these letters can be uploaded by the applicant or directly sent by the recommending persons at the email address indicated in the second page of the online form)


    The selection is carried by the Lebesgue Scientific Committee.



  • Lebesgue Master Scholarship
    Nov 15, 2016 to Mar 15, 2017
    lebesgue_money.png The Lebesgue Center offers 10,000€ scholarships to outstanding mathematics students applying for a master programme in mathematics, for a fist year of Master (M1) or for a second year of Master (M2), in Rennes, Nantes, Angers, Brest or Vannes.


    The stipend is 10,000 euros per year.

    The M1 scholarships are open to all students who have completed a bachelor's degree in mathematics (or related) at the end of the academic year 2016-2017. The applicants for the Lebesgue M1 scholarship should certify a B1 level of proficiency of the French language.
    A student applying for the first year of a master (M1) will be allowed to apply for another scholarship for the second year (M2).

    The M2 scholarships are open to all students who have completed the first year of a master in mathematics (or related) at the end of the academic year 2016-2017.
    The courses of the second year of Master (M2) may be taught in English.

    The application of the Lebesgue scholarship is independent from the application to Masters programmes, whom modalities are indicated in the dedicated websites.


    The application for the lebesgue Master Scholarship is open until March 15th, 2017.
    The results of the selection process will be edited in April 2017.


    Applicants can obtain more information about the masters programmes on the page: Information.


    Applicants must complete the online form and attach the documents:
    - CV
    - Transcripts
    - Cover letter
    - One or more letters of recommendation.

    Applicants must submit the application only when it is complete. Only electronic submission using the online form will be considered.


    The selection will be carried out by the Lebesgue Scientific Committee and the heads of the Masters programmes. It will be based on the academic quality of the applicant.

  • 5 minutes Lebesgue
    Dec 6, 2016

    Les vidéos des exposés seront mises en ligne quelques jours après l'exposé. Vidéothèque

    Prochain exposé:

    06-12-2016:  Guillem CAZASSUS
    Partage d’un collier et sandwich de dimension 4

    Nous expliquerons comment un résultat de topologie peut permettre de résoudre un problème de nature combinatoire.



    Exposés à venir:

    13-12-2016:  Pierre Joray
    07-02-2017:  Bachir Bekka

  • Rencontre CHL-INRA
    Dec 8, 2016

    L'objectif de cette journée est de réunir des membres de l'INRA et du Centre Henri Lebesgue intéressés par collaborer et de mettre en relation les compétences mathématiques développées au CHL avec des applications potentielles émergeant des différentes thématiques de recherche développées à l'INRA. Cette journée sera organisée autour d'exposés ayant pour but de présenter les travaux menés en collaboration ou des sujets d'étude qui pourraient conduire à des collaborations. Ils seront suivis d'un temps de discussion afin de favoriser les échanges scientifiques autour du thème abordé.

    Organisation de la Journée

    10 h 00 Accueil des participants et café
    10 h 15 Christophe Berthon (CHL) : Présentation du Centre Henri Lebesgue et de l'agence Lebesgue
    10 h 25 (INRA) : Présentation du centre de Rennes de l'INRA
    10 h 35 Isabelle Louveau (INRA) : Plasticité des cellules souches adultes dans le muscle squelettique et le tissu adipeux du porc en croissance
    11 h 2 5 Sébastien Lê et Mathieu Emily (CHL) : Statistique en agronomie et agro-alimentaire
    12 h 15 Repas
    14 h 00 Florence Garcia-Launay (INRA) : Optimiser les stratégies d’alimentation des élevages d’engraissement porcins sur des critères économiques et environnementaux : premières démarches et perspectives
    14 h 50 Nicolas Parisey (INRA) : Scaling-up pest foraging behaviours to the agricultural landscape : a mechanistic model applied to crop protection
    15 h 40 Pause café
    16 h 00 Frédéric Hamelin (INRA) et François Castella (CHL) : Modelling the spread of organisms mixing sexual and asexual reproduction
    16 h 50 Conclusion de la journée
    17 h 00 Fin de la journée

    L'inscription est gratuite, mais obligatoire (avant le 24 novembre) pour participer au déjeuner. Les frais de déplacement pourront être pris en charge.

    Abstracts des interventions

    Les abstracts des interventions prévues sont ici

  • School - Masterclass
    Dec 13, 2016 to Dec 15, 2016


    Angers, from December 13th to December 15th

    Organization board: Etienne Mann, Loïc Chaumont

    We organize a Masterclass in Angers from the 13rd to 15th December. Lectures will be in the morning sessions and exercises session will take place in the afternoon. We will have two parallel sessions:

    • Laurent Evain : The Hilbert scheme.
      The programm is grassmannian varieties, Hilbert scheme and some applications.
    • Rodolphe Garbit: Counting paths in an orthant: a probabilistic approach
      The lectures will focus on Brownian motion, random walks and their application to some combinatorial problems.

    The organisation board will pay the housing with the breakfasts. The other meals are not payed by the organizers. For the travel expenses, we will do our best in the limit of our budget.

  • Journée Rennes Nantes d'analyse
    Jan 19, 2017

    La prochaine journée Rennes-Nantes d'Analyse aura lieu le jeudi 19 janvier 2017 à Nantes.


    10h15-10h55 : Georgi Popov (Nantes)
    11h15-11h55 : Mounir Haddou (Rennes)
    12h00-12h40 : Thibaut Deheuvels (Rennes)

    14h30-15h10 : Olivier Pierre (Nantes)
    15h15-15h55 : Adrien Calvez (Rennes)




    Si vous souhaitez y participer, merci de vous inscrire avant le 5 janvier.
    Le formulaire d'inscription et les informations sont disponibles sur la page

  • Conference - CAST - Contact and Symplectic Topology
    Jan 26, 2017 to Jan 28, 2017


    Nantes, from January 26th to January 28th

    Organization board: Baptiste Chantraine, Vincent Colin, Paolo Ghiggini

    Scientific board: Jean-François Barraud, Baptiste Chantraine, Kai Cieliebak, Tobias Ekholm

  • School - Flows and Limits in Kähler Geometry
    Apr 18, 2017 to Apr 22, 2017


    Nantes, from April 18th to April 22nd

    Organization board: Sébastien Boucksom, Yann Rollin, Carl Tipler

    Scientific board: Claudio Arezzo, Olivier Biquard, Paul Gauduchon, Michael Singer

    Kähler geometry is a very active research field, at the crossroads between algebraic and Riemannian geometry. Important breakthrough, that lead to solve the Yau-Tian-Donaldson conjecture in the Fano case, have been achieved recently. A spring school involving mini-lectures and talks around this thread of new ideas in Kähler geometry is organized at Nantes University. The goal of the school is to develop certain technical skills, useful to address a variety of important questions in algebraic geometry and global analysis on manifolds, aimed for PhD students and young researchers. Geometric flows, like the Kähler-Ricci flow for instance, and the associated quantification by the Donaldson dynamical system, will be among the essential tools dealt with during the school.

Practical information for the meeting WS3

How to come to Rennes

If you arrive in Paris either by plane or train, the simplest is to use the french high-speed train (TGV) to go to Rennes (2h15' from Montparnasse station, 3h from the Airport station).

For those landing at Charles-de-Gaulle airport, you may also use a connecting flight to Rennes.

How to reach your accomodation place

To go to the Adagio hotel from the railway station: take the subway (direction J.F. Kennedy) from station "Gares" to station "Saint-Anne", and then walk on "rue d'Antrain" street (see the map below) from "Place Saint-Anne" to the hotel.

To go to Résidence universitaire from the railway station: take bus n°1 (direction Cesson-Sévigné) from stop "Gares" to stop "Mirabeau". Then walk down to builiding D (see the map below).

How to come to the conference place

The conference will take place in amphitheater N of ESIR building (ESIR=école supérieure d'ingénieurs de Rennes) on Beaulieu Campus (campus map).

From the Adagio hotel: take bus n°31 (direction "Beaulieu Chimie") from the stop "Hôtel Dieu" to the stop "Beaulieu Chimie" . You then have to walk to ESIR building (see the map below).

From Résidence universitaire: you can walk to ESIR building (see the map below).

From the railway station: take the subway (direction J.F. Kennedy) and stop at "Republique". Then take bus n°4 (direction Beaulieu Atalante) and stop at "Beaulieu Chimie". You then have to walk to ESIR building (see the map below).

Timetables, PDF maps of the bus lines are available on the Star website (only in french sorry).

Annotated map

You will find information on the conference place, bus stops, restaurants etc. on the annotated map below.

click here for a larger map

= Railway station, = Bus stop, = Accomodation place, = Conference place,
= Lunch place, = Restaurants




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