Conference - Schrödinger equations: normal forms, quantum mechanics, and nonlinear aspects

The conference will be held at the hotel Port aux Rocs, in Le Croisic.

The talks will start on Monday, after 15:30 (3:30pm), and finish on Friday around noon.

Lodging and meals at the hotel go from Monday after lunch, to Friday after lunch.

To get to the hotel, the most convenient way, from Paris, is to take the TGV train to Le Croisic (via Nantes). The train station is less than 2km away from the hotel. It is also possible to fly to Nantes, and then take the train from Nantes to Le Croisic. Here are some schedules for the train (reservation becomes possible three months in advance):

Monday 25 May: Paris-> Le Croisic

  • 9:36 -> 13:03 (direct)
  • 10:36 -> 14:19 (connexion in Nantes)

Friday 29 May: Le Croisic -> Paris

  • 13:50 -> 17:20 (direct)
  • 14:30 -> 18:20 (connexion in Nantes)
  • 16:54-> 20:16 (direct)




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