The Henri Lebesgue Center is a laboratoire d'excellence from the French programme investissements d'avenir created in 2012. It conducts a research of high level covering a very broad spectrum of today's mathematics, from the very fundamental to the most applied.

By organizing thematic semesters of international scope on subjects at the cutting edge of research, it injects further vitality to the research and broadens the visibility of its teams. Some international chairs attract around these events some prominent figures. These semesters are the occasion to organize numerous thematic schools for the greater benefice of PhD and Master Students.

A programme of post-doctoral grants allows us to welcome young researchers from all horizons on excellence criteria, thus reinforcing our research teams, giving a boost to the most promising research themes, and fertilizing the community by the diffusion of new ideas.

The Henri Lebesgue Center launched the Annales Henri Lebesgue, a generalist journal of mathématics, fully free, which participates to the collective impetus to promote independant and virtuous journals.