Post doc positions


The Henri Lebesgue Center offers to cofinance various types of post-doc positions. Some applications must go through our site webform.We strongly advise that applicants get in touch with the researcher/s they wish to work with. See the post-docs so far here.

General Conditions

  • no teaching obligation
  • net salary approx 2000€/month
  • candidates must have completed a PhD in mathematics, or equivalent, at the date of taking office
  • candidates must submit an original research project. He/she should be able to interact with researchers of the hosting laboratory.

There are postdoc positions under the COFUND Bienvenüe programme from the Region Brittany. Applications and information website here.

Current job offer


Application not through CHL website

  • A 12 months postdoctoral position at Mathematics Research Institute of Rennes (IRMAR) in Mathematical and numerical investigations of Schrödinger-type equations in optics. Key words: Schrödinger equation, Lugiato-Lefever equation, non-linear optics, Fabry–Perot resonator, numerical analysis, computer simulation. Full job description and contact.


  • Funded by the ANR project ADA, a 12-months postdoctoral position is available at the ENS Rennes, part of the  Institut de Recherche Mathématique de Rennes IRMAR. The ANR ADA project deals with theoretical or numerical studies of stochastic partial differential equations. The post-doc will be mentored by Anne de Bouard and Arnaud Debussche. The candidate should have a background in PDE, in the study of stochastic processes or in numerical analysis. The post-doc can start between September 1st and December 1st 2022. Applications, including a CV with a list of publications, a letter of motivation, and a description (2 pages max) of the research activities, as well as the names of the two scientific references, must be sent to Arnaud Debussche ( by March 15th, 2022 at the latest.