Excellence laboratory of the program investissement d'avenir, the Henri Lebesgue Center is a center for mathematics based on 3 pilars:

  • A very high level research recognized at the international level and covering a broad spectrum of today's mathematics, from the most applied to the most abstract

  • A training offer at the graduate level which is attractive, dynamic and diverse

  • Deep interactions with the socio-economic fabric, in particular in the fields of health, information technology and material science. The Henri Lebesgue Center also maintains a close relationship with its socio-cultural environment through actions geared towards a great audience (5 minutes Lebesgue, fêtes de la science, conferences…)

Initially centered on Rennes and Nantes, it was joined in 2015 by the mathematics laboratories of Brest-Vannes and Angers and in 2022 by the maths laboratory of Le Mans.