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We strongly advise that applicants get in touch with the researcher/s they wish to work with.

1/ one post doc position in Statistical Learning, With Magalie Fromont, IRMAR, Univ Rennes - MMD and Wasserstein distances based tests and GANs. 2 years contract, maximum starting date January 1st 2022. Deadline for application: october 15th 2021. See description here

Common features

  • applications must be done through our webform
  • contracts are expected to start from September 2021 and no later than January 2022
  • there is no teaching obligation. The net salary will be more than 2 000 Euros per month.


Candidates must have completed a PhD in mathematics, or equivalent, at the date of taking office. The candidate must submit an original research project. He/she should be able to interact with researchers of the hosting laboratory.

For positions with international experience required: applicants must have lived or undertaken their main professional activities abroad for at least 18 months since 2017.

More information

Apply here.

Contact at the Centre Henri Lebesgue: Caroline Sezestre




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