Post-doc positions

lebesgue_money.png The Henri Lebesgue Center offers post-doc positions for researchers in mathematics.


The Lebesgue Center and its partners, Région Bretagne & Région Pays de la Loire (DéfiMaths project), are opening applications for three post-doctoral positions in mathematics for a period of 2*12 months. The hired applicant will conduct his/her research at one of these Insitutes:

Irmar of Rennes
LMJL of Nantes
LMBA of Brest and Vannes
LAREMA of Angers

The positions are open to all research areas present within the four Institutes. They do not include an obligation to teach.

The net salary will be 2 100 Euros per month.


The application is open.

Sending application: between the 4th of October 2017 and the 1st of December 2017.

The positions are expected to begin on September 1st or October 1st, 2018.


Candidates must have completed a PhD in mathematics, or equivalent, at the date of taking office. The candidate must submit an original research project including a collaboration with one or more local researcher (s) of Irmar, LMJL,LMBA, or LAREMA.

Applicants must complete the online form where they have to join the following documents:

• CV describing the candidate's profile and professional experience (list of publications, research topics, activities)
• Cover letter including the research project
• At least two letters of recommendation, including one from the local researcher involved in the project

For more information, please contact us at post-doctorant[at]


The selection is carried by the Lebesgue Scientific Committee.





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