Our colleague Tan Lei passed away in April 2016. A conference will be held from 23/10/2017 to 25/10/2017 at the University of Angers to honour her memory.

###Scientific Committee
Etienne Ghys (ENS Lyon)
John Milnor (Stony Brook)
Mitsuhiro Shishikura (Kyoto).

###Organizing Committee Mohammed El Amrani (Angers)
Michel Granger(Angers)
Jean-Jacques Loeb(Angers)
Laurent Meersseman(Angers)
Pascale Roesch(Toulouse).

###Provisional list of speakers Xavier Buff, Arnaud Cheritat, Nuria Fagella (to be confirmed), Cui Guizhen,Peter Haissinski, John Hamal Hubbard (to be confirmed), Carsten lunde Petersen, Kevin Pilgrim, Mary Rees, Pascale Roesh, Hans Henrik Rugh, Dylan Thurston, Mitsu Shishikura, Giulio Tiozzo.

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