The Lebesgue Center aims to integrate, structure and develop mathematical research in the West of France. For this purpose, two laboratories have joined on April 13th, 2015, the founding members of the Lebesgue Center (Irmar, Mathematics Department of the ENS Rennes, and LMJL) :

  • Le Laboratoire de mathématiques de Bretagne Atlantique, UMR 6205 ;

  • Le Laboratoire angevin de recherche en mathématiques, UMR 6093.

  • Le Laboratoire manceau de mathématiques, in september 2022.

The integration of these two laboratories is the sign of the consolidation of the Lebesgue Center in the Western of France, the commitment of the mathematical community in its actions, and the increase of its scientific potential.

The Lebesgue Center thus becomes one of the largest centers of mathematics in France, guarantor of excellence in research, visibility and attractiveness of the mathematics of the Western of France.