Workshop 1: Randomness and Partial Differential Equations

###List of (confirmed) speakers

Cédric Bernardin, ÉNS Lyon
Arnaud Debussche, ENS Bretagne et IRMAR
Arnaud Guillin, Université de Clermont-Ferrand
Tony Lelièvre, ÉNPC-Paris Est
Jan Maas, University of Bonn
Laurent Miclo, Université of Toulouse
Yann Ollivier, Université Paris-Sud
Grigorios Pavliotis, Imperial College Londres
Laurent Thomann, Université de Nantes
Vincent Vargas, Université Paris Dauphine

###Practical information

###Postal Address:
Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray
2, rue de la Houssinière - BP 92208
F-44322 Nantes Cedex 3
Tél : +33 251125901 - Fax : +33 251125947

The map here of the campus of the school of Science and Technology: The math building is marked # 10.

You may use this other interactive map to view how to go to the Jean Leray Math Institute from the train station.

###From the train station :

Upon your arrival at the main station ("La Gare"), take the north exit ("Sortie nord") and follow the direction to the tramway stop, (Line #1, La Gare) in front of the main entrance of the station. Take the tramway in the direction of "François Mitterrand". Get off the car at "Place du Commerce" and take the tramway line # 2 in the direction of "Orvault-Grand Val". Get off at "Michelet Sciences", enter the campus and walk to the math buliding following the red path in the map above. You may use the campus map provided above.

The cost of an one-hour-valid ticket is 1,20 Euros and there are some vending machines at each stop.

Attention: The vending machines may not take non-France issued credit/Banking cards. Almost certainly, they will not take a US issued credit/ATM cards.__

For detailed bus and tramway schedules please visit TAN.

###From the Nantes-Atlantique airport:

By Bus : You can get to the city center by the airport shuttle bus (TAN AIR Shuttle) in 20 minutes. The final stop of the shuttle is "Place du Commerce" and there is one bus every 30 minutes. From there you can take the tramway Line #2 in the direction of "Orvault Grand Val" and get off at "Michelet Sciences". Follow the red path to the institute.

By Taxi: At the main entrance of the Hall 4 you will find a taxi shelter where you can call for a taxi to pick you up.