The purpose of scientific computing is the derivation, analysis and intensive use of new and efficient algorithms for numerical simulation in various domains of application. The formidable increase of computing power in the new electronic devices raised the important role of scientific computing in many scientific fields. From computer science to new technologies, from numerical simulations in physics to industrial high performance computing, there is a strong need of analysis and mathematics in this emerging field. The role of mathematics is central, and concerns all its specialities, from geometry to numerical analysis, probability theory or statistics.

The semester organized by the Centre Henri Lebesgue aims at englightening this diversity. The foreseen events tackle many different subjects: Simulation of algebraic curves, probabilistic methods, numerical methods for kinetic equations, mathematics in health science, data assimilation and deep learning. Math and business days are also scheduled as well as two schools intended for young researchers.
Scientific coordination: E. Faou



Fundamentals and practice of finite elements

Roscoff, from april 16th to april 20th 2018

Organization board: Martin Costabel, Eric Darrigrand, Monique Dauge, Emmanuelle Guiot, Yvon Lafranche, Florian Rogowski

Scientific board: Monique Dauge (Univ. Rennes 1), Ilaria Perugia (University of Vienna)

Research School on Mathematics for Nuclear Energy (in partnership with GDR MaNu)

Roscoff, from july 2nd to july 6th 2018

Organization board: Benjamin Boutin, Christophe Berthon, Marianne Bessemoulin, Clément Cancès, Hélène Mathis, Nicolas Seguin

Scientific board: Claire Chainais (Lille 1), Stéphane Cordier (Orléans), Clémentine Prieur (Grenoble Alpes), Jean-Luc Guermond (Texas A&M), Jean-Marc Hérard (EDF R&D), Frédéric Lagoutière (Lyon 1), Jean-Claude Latché (IRSN), Tony Lelièvre (ENPC), Roland Masson (Nice), Mario Ohlberger (Münster), Jacques Segré (CEA Saclay), Marie-Hélène Vignal (Toulouse 3)


Mathematics and Enterprises Days (in partnership with Agence Lebesgue de Mathématiques pour l'Innovation)

Vannes, from april 12th to april 13th 2018

Organization board: Christophe Berthon, Eric Darrigrand, Emmanuel Frénod, Fabrice Mahé, Loïc Chaumont

Deep Learning : from theory to applications

Rennes, from september 4th to september 6th 2018

Organization board: Patrick Perez, Rémi Gribonval, Benoît Cadre, Adrien Saumard, Lionel Oisel

Scientific board: Lionel Oisel (Technicolor), Patrick Perez (Valeo), Rémi Gribonval (Inria), Benoît Cadre (ENS Rennes), Adrien Saumard (ENSAI)

National Colloquium on data assimilation

Rennes, from september 26th to september 28th 2018

Organization board: Etienne Memin

Scientific board: Eric Blayo (UGA, LJK Grenoble), Marc Bocquet (École des Ponts), Ronan Fablet (IMT Atlantique -Telecom Bretagne), Serge Gratton (ENSEEIHT ), Dominique Heitz (IRSTEA Rennes), Yann Michel (Météo France), Etienne Mémin (INRIA Rennes, IRMAR), Arthur Vidard (INRIA, LJK Grenoble), Pierre Tandeo (Imt Atlantique -Telecom Bretagne).


Numerical methods for algebraic curves

Rennes, from february 19th to february 23rd 2018

Organization board: Xavier Caruso, David Lubicz, Christophe Ritzenthaler, Marie-Françoise Roy

Simulation and probability: recent trends (in partnership with ERC)

Rennes, from june 5th to june 8th 2018

Organization board: Frédéric Cérou, Mathias Rousset, Fabien Panloup.

Scientific board: Frédéric Cérou, Mathias Rousset, Fabien Panloup, Tony Lelièvre, Bernard Delyon.

Multi-scale geometric numerical methods

Rennes, from june 12th to june 15th 2018

Organization board: Philippe Chartier, Nicolas Crouseilles, Mohammed Lemou, Florian Méhats

Scientific board: Philippe Chartier (Inria), Nicolas Crouseilles (Inria), Shi Jin (Univ. Wisconsin), Mohammed Lemou (CNRS), Florian Méhats (UR1)

Mathematical models in health sciences

Nantes, from june 20th to june 22nd 2018

Organization board: Christophe Berthon, Marianne Bessemoulin-Chatard, Anais Crestetto, Françoise Foucher, Mazen Saad

Scientific board: Florence Hubert (Aix-Marseille Université), Kenneth H. Karlsen (University of Oslo), Mazen Saad (Centrale Nantes)