The position is part of the ANR-DFG project “Effective Approximation and Dynamics of Many-Body Quantum Systems” run jointly between Braunschweig
(Volker Bach), Bremen (Sören Petrat), Metz (Sébastien Breteaux and Jérémy Faupin), and Rennes (Zied Ammari), see for more information.
Extensive scientific exchange within the Rennes research group, and between the different locations is planned. Funds for research visits at the other locations and for conference visits are available.


Gibbs measures, Probability theory, Nonlinear PDE, Quantum statistical mechanics, Quantum field theory, Many-body systems, Semiclassical analysis.

PI in charge

Zied Ammari


Salary and conditions

The gross annual salary of the Fellowship will be 57 500 €. This amounts, after taxes, to a monthly salary of approximately 2 400 €. (This estimate is for indicative purposes only because the amount of taxes depends on the personal situation.)

Contract and offer 

• One year (12 months) with a possible extension of one year.
• The contract will start between April 1st 2023 and October 1st 2023.
• No mandatory teaching load, but there are opportunities to gather teaching experience if desired by the applicant.


Timeline for applications

We aim at filling the position starting from October 2023, but the position could be opened as soon as April 2023.

How to apply

Applications only through this form will be examined.

Scientific Profile Requested / Requirements

Applicants must have their Ph.D. completed or defended in an area of sciences
before the contract starts.

Skills and track-record

Fluency in spoken English or French and fluency in written English.


Number of positions available
Application opening date
Application deadline