Lebesgue Doctoral Meeting 2023

The Lebesgue Doctoral Meeting  2023 will take place in Nantes on the Lombarderie campus of the Faculty of Science. The programme is as follows : 

Wednesday :

9h30-10h10 : Arnaud Hautecoeur

10h10-10h50 : Yann Millot

11h10-12h10 : Claire Boyer

14h-14h40 : Nicolas Orsini

14h40-15h20 : Magali Jay

15h40-16h20 : Thomas Crozon

16h20-18h : Poster


8h50-9h30 : Antoine Soulas

9h30-10h30 : Delphine Moussard

11h-12h : Groupes thématiques

Friday :

8h50-9h30 : Mathieu Vallée

9h30-10h30 : Clémentine Courtès

11h-12h : Table Ronde

13h30-14h10 : Gaspard Tamagny

14h10-15h50 : Antoine Béreau

15h20-16h : Charbella Abou Khalil

16h-16h40 : Armand Coudray

Abstracts for talks and posters are available here.