IA et Santé

The conference "Artificial Intelligence and health: interdisciplinary approaches" will be held in Nantes at the MSH Ange Guépin from 29 June to 1 July 2022. This scientific meeting is part of the thematic semester 2022 "Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence" organized by the Henri Lebesgue Mathematics Center in partnership with the Data Santé program and the GdR “Statistics and Health”. It is sponsored by SFdS. It will offer a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, share ideas and best practices around the theme "AI and Health", favoring interdisciplinary approaches. It brings together researchers and practitioners, from public institutes or the private sector, who contribute or use AI approaches in the health field.

Here is a non-exhausting list of yet predominant topics that the conference aims at covering:

  • Statistical learning
  • E-Health
  • Data science and health
  • Digital epidemiology
  • Big data and public health
  • Statistics and personalized medicine
  • Health economics
  • Health and human and social science
  • Modeling of infectious diseases
  • Large-scale clinical research - Integration of omics data
  • Large-scale clinical research - Integration of imaging data
  • Drug target

Steering committee

  • Lise Bellanger (LMJL-Nantes Univ, Nantes) 
  • David Causeur (IRMAR, L'Institut Agro, Rennes - Angers)
  • Mathieu Emily (IRMAR, L'Institut Agro, Rennes - Angers) 
  • Valérie Garès (IRMAR-INSA, Rennes)
  • Frédéric Proïa (LAREMA-Univ Angers, Angers) 
  • Aymeric Stamm (LMJL-CNRS, Nantes) 

Local Organizing Committee

  • Lise Bellanger (LMJL-Nantes Univ, Nantes) 
  • Pierre-Antoine Gourraud (clinique des données, ITUN - CRTI - UMR INSERM 1064 – CHU Nantes) 
  • Diana Mateus (LS2N, ECN) 
  • Bertrand Michel (LMJL, ECN) 
  • Stéphane Tirard (resp du projet Data Santé, Centre François Viète) 

Scientific Committee

  • Lise Bellanger (LMJL-Nantes Univ, Nantes) 
  • David Causeur (IRMAR, L'Institut Agro, Rennes - Angers) 
  • Mickael Guedj (Nanobiotix, Paris) 
  • Nolwenn Le Meur (EHESP, Rennes) 
  • Nicolas Molinari (CHU, Montpellier) 
  • Emeline Perthame (Institut Pasteur, Paris)       
  • Cécile Proust-Lima (INSERM, Univ. Bordeaux) 
  • Nathalie Vialaneix (INRAE UR875 MIA-T Toulouse)