Here is a pdf version of the program.

Here is an interactive brochure.

The format of the posters should be A0, hanging room A (MSH Ange Guépin) Wednesday June 29 morning and unhooking June 30 afternoon.
Awarding of the best poster Thursday June 30, 1:30 pm

For the Tidymodels workshop (Hannah Frick), participants must install the following versions of R and RStudio plus packages:

- A recent version of R (>=3.9.0), which is available for free at
- A recent version of RStudio Desktop (RStudio Desktop Open Source License, at least v2022.02), available for free at
- The following R packages, which you can install from the R console:
  install.packages(c("tidyverse", "tidymodels", "modeldata", "kknn",
"ranger", "rpart", "rpart.plot", "rattle", "vip", "partykit",
"vetiver", "xgboost"))