Saint Brévin, from March 30th to April 1st

Organization board: Antoine Benoit, Jean-François Coulombel, Vincent Duchêne, Damien Gobin, Frédéric Hérau, Hélène Hivert, Salomé Oudet, Virgile Robbe, Ophélie Rouby, Valentin Samoyeau

Scientific board: Sylvie Benzoni, Christophe Besse, Franck Boyer, David Lannes, Jérôme Le Rousseau, Eric Lombardi, Frédéric Rousset

This meeting follows the so-called DYNAMO workshops that have been held in Rennes in 2010, in Lyon in 2011 and in Orléans in 2013, and the previous Journées JEF that have taken place in Fréjus in 2014. The aim of the meeting is to give the opportunity to some young researchers to present their doctoral or post-doctoral research to a wide audience coming from several French mathematics departments. The speakers are selected by the scientific committee. The topics of the meeting cover theoretical aspects of PDE analysis and mathematical physics, as well as mathematical modeling and numerical analysis.

The meeting is supported by the GDR CNRS Analysis of partial differential equations.

###The meeting will start on March 30th in the afternoon and end on April 1st at lunch.

###Registration is open until March 8th.



Nina Aguillon (University of Marseille)
Emeric Bouin (École Normale Supérieure of Lyon)
Blanche Buet (University of Lyon 1)
Nicolas Burq (University Paris-Sud)
Vincent Calvez (CNRS & École Normale Supérieure of Lyon)
Jérémy Dalphin (University of Lorraine)
Ennio Fedrizzi (University of Lyon 1)
Mathieu Girardin (CEA Saclay)
Cécile Huneau (École Normale Supérieure)
Pauline Lafitte (École Centrale Paris)
Quentin Liard (University of Rennes 1)
Clément Mouhot (University of Cambridge)
Flore Nabet (University of Marseille)
Van Tien Nguyen (University Paris-Nord)
Guillaume Olive (University Pierre and Marie Curie)
Jérémy Sok (University of Copenhagen)