Titles and abstracts.

##June 12th (afternoon)##

13h30-14h: welcome

14h-15h: Xavier Antoine (Univ. Lorraine):
On the numerical solution and dynamical laws of Schrödinger/Gross-Pitaevskii equations

15h-16h: Weizhu Bao (National Univ. Singapore): Multiscale methods and analysis for the Dirac equation in the nonrelativistic limit regime

16h-16h30: coffee break

16h30-17h30: Lukas Einkemmer (Univ. Innsbruck): From Eulerian Vlasov simulation to dynamic low-rank integrators

##June 13th##

9h-10h: Yongyong Cai (Beijing Computational Research Center): Numerical methods for Klein-Gordon equation in the non-relativistic limit

10h-10h30: coffee break

10h30-11h30: Eric Cancès (CERMICS): Computing the conductivity of multilayer 2D materials - A multiscale method based on non-commutative geometry

11h30-12h30: Fernando Casas (Univ. Jaume I): Explicit exponential representations of linear and nonlinear flows

12h30-14h: lunch

14h-15h: Alina Chertock (North Carolina State Univ.): An Asymptotic Preserving scheme for kinetic chemotaxis models in two space dimensions

15h-16h: Stéphane Descombes (Univ. Nice): Locally implicit discontinuous Galerkin time domain method for electromagnetic wave propagation in dispersive media

16h-16h30: coffee break

##June 14th##

9h-10h: Giacomo Dimarco (Univ. Ferrara): Uncertainty quantification for kinetic equations

10h-10h30: coffee break

10h30-11h30: Francis Filbet (Univ. Toulouse III): Asymptotically stable Particle-In-Cell methods for the Vlasov-Poisson system with a strong external magnetic field

11h30-12h30: Philippe Helluy (Univ. Strasbourg): Implicit discontinous Galerkin algorithms without linear system inversion

12h30-14h: lunch

14h-15h: Sonia Fliss (ENSTA): Enriched homogenization in presence of boundaries or interfaces

15h-16h: Olivier Le Maître (CNRS, Univ. Paris Saclay): Global sensitivity analysis in stochastic systems

16h-16h30: coffee break

19h30: conference dinner at the restaurant "le grill" ##June 15th (morning)##

10h-11h: Qin Li (Univ. Wisconsin): Optical tomography and the Calderon problem: stability deterioration of inverse radiative transfer equation

11h-11h30: coffee break

11h30-12h30: Jesus Maria Sanz-Serna (Univ. Carlos III): A stroboscopic averaging algorithm for highly oscillatory delay problems

12h30-14h: lunch