Workshop - Women in Numbers Europe 3 (3rd edition of the European WIN Workshop)

###Travel to Rennes

Rennes is served by Rennes Airport, with direct flights from Paris, London, Amsterdam, and other cities. Participants may also choose to fly to Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport, which has direct to Rennes several times a day, travel time 2.5 hours.

Participants arriving by train should travel to the Rennes train station.

###Travel to La Hublais

La Hublais is easily reached by bus C6 from République, taken in direction Cesson-Sévigné. Exit the bus at stop Hublais (25 min), and walk 10 minutes up Avenue de La Hublais to La Hublais.

From Rennes Airport to Hublais: take bus C6.

From the Rennes train station to République: take the metro for one stop, or walk to République (15 min).

A single 1,5 euro ticket for the bus/metro will work for 75 minutes. If participants wish to take a taxi from Rennes airport or the train station, note that a taxi from the airport to La Hublais is 50-60 euros, and around 40 from the train station.
Additional information can be found on the La Hublais website.


All participants will stay at La Hublais, with shared double rooms for graduate students, and single rooms for all other participants. The organizers will be in touch in June 2019 to arrange rooms, confirm arrival/departure dates, and discuss dietary restrictions.