Nantes, from april 6th to april 9th 2021

Organization board: Vincent Colin (Nantes), Gabriel Rivière (Nantes), San Vu Ngoc (Rennes)

Scientific board: Vincent Colin (Nantes), Colin Guillarmou (Paris Saclay), San Vu Ngoc (Rennes)

This workshop will partly follow the structure initially scheduled in 2020 with some adaptations due to the pandemic crisis. There will be one hour talks and free time for scientific interactions between the participants. As the list of speakers may be subject to important variations, it will be only displayed later. The main topics treated in this workshop will be

  • Symplectic geometry
  • Classical and quantum mechanics
  • Hamiltonian and Reeb dynamics
  • Integrable and hyperbolic dynamics
  • Quantization
  • Toeplitz operators
  • Magnetic structures