The thematic semester 2021 will partly follow the structure of the semester initially scheduled in 2020 with some adaptations due to the pandemic crisis.

For every conference and school, we will favor in-person events with a flexible schedule in order to encourage scientific interactions between the participants. Of course, some possibilities for online participation will be proposed depending on the situation.

Each conference and school already proposes themes and keywords. As the list of speakers may be subject to important variations, it will be only displayed later. We encourage you to register without waiting for these lists !


Mathematical physics is highly represented inside the different laboratories of the Centre Henri Lebesgue with teams working on partial differential equations, spectral theory, geometry, dynamical systems or probability. This semester aims at gathering international experts of these fields with all the members of the Centre Henri Lebesgue interested by the interactions between physics and mathematics with a special emphasis on the geometrical aspects. The semester will be organized around seven events of different nature (workshop, conference, summer school) whose topics will cover the many facets of mathematical physics represented in the Centre Henri Lebesgue.

Besides these events, international specialists will be invited for longer stay in the different laboratories of the Centre Henri Lebesgue. A special attention will be paid to the training and to the formation of young researchers thanks to the master programs in Nantes and in Rennes but also thanks to doctoral courses given by some of our invited experts and to one summer schools aimed for master and PhD students.
Scientific coordination: Gabriel Rivière and San Vu Ngoc