Angers, from december 15th to december 17th 2020

Organization board: Rodolphe Garbit, Daniel Naie, Thomas Chouteau


A masterclass will take place in Angers, from December 15 to December 17, 2020. Lectures will be delivered during the morning sessions and exercises will be discussed during the afternoon ones.

The masterclass is mainly aimed at Master 2 students, PhDs, and postdoc students.

  • Loïc Chaumont: Probabilistic insights in matrix tree theorems The aim of this lecture is to present a relationship between finite Markov chains and spanning trees of graphs. Then we will explore in more detail the mechanism of this result and give some applications to enumeration of multitype forests.

  • Nicolas Dutertre: Topology and geometry of semi-algebraic sets The aim of this masterclass is to extend to the class of (possibly singular and/or non-compact) semi-algebraic sets some classical results of differential topology and differential geometry, such as the Poincaré-Hopf theorem or the Gauss-Bonnet theorem. We will provide the students with tools and techniques of semi-algebraic geometry and apply them to get interesting results on the topology and geometry of (possibly singular and/or non-compact) semi-algebraic sets. The content of the course will be the following:
    • Background in differential topology and differential geometry
    • Basic properties of semi-algebraic sets and maps
    • Results on the topology and geometry of (singular and/or non-compact) semi-algebraic sets


The organization board will cover accommodation, breakfast, and lunch, but not dinner. As for the travel expenses, we will do our best in the limit of our budget.

For a registration request, please fill in the application form here (or by chosing the insciption tab above). The deadline for the registration requests is November 16, 2020.