Brest, from october 15th to october 17th 2018

Organization board: Julien Bernis, Come Dattin, Germain Gendron, Marine Marolleau, Zoïs Moitier, Adel Ouledsaid, Axel Supersac

Scientific board: Maha Aafarani, Jack Borthwick

Starting four years ago at the initiative of the Labex PhD students, the Henri Lebesgue Center helps to organise an annual event for PhD students known as the Lebesgue PhD meeting. It consists of a 3 day conference during which talks are given by PhD students from all geographic and mathematical horizons. The goal is to present the widest possible panel of current mathematical research as it is seen and lived by PhD students. The meeting is sponsored by three confirmed researchers who are also invited to give a talk and to share their personal experience.

The meeting is sponsor by:

Christian Gérard : Département de Mathématiques d’Orsay (Université Paris-Sud)

Emmanuel Opshtein : IRMA (Strasbourg)

Olivier Zindy : LPSM (Paris Sorbonne)