Location of the conference

The conference will be held at the Campus de Beaulieu of the University of Rennes 1, situated in the eastern part of Rennes. The lectures will take place at the Mathematical Institute (IRMAR), in the conference room Henri Lebesgue.

Here are some links to a map of Rennes and a campus map. On the map below, the Mathematical Institute is building 22. You can also visualize the underground station "Metro Beaulieu Université" on the North, and the bus stop "Bus arrêt Les Préales" on the South-West.


plan campus

You will have access to internet via Eduroam, or via the local network with codes provided by the organizers.



Most of the participants will stay at the Adagio Hotel and at the Cité Internationale Paul Ricoeur.

Both locations are easily accessible by public transport or by walk from the city center, see the links just above.


Getting to IRMAR from the city center

The IRMAR Institute is located in the north-east of the city within the Beaulieu campus.

From the city center, you can reach the university by bus (15min), by the underground line B (15min) or by walk (30min). You can buy tickets directly in the bus or in the underground stations.

If your accomodation is Adagio Hotel, the closest underground station is "Jules Ferry". To go to Irmar, take the underground line B, direction Cesson - Viasilva and stop at Beaulieu - Université. Then, you can reach Irmar by a 2 minutes walk, see the map above.

If your accomodation is Cité Internationale, the closest bus station is "République" station, from which you can reach the university by the bus line C4, direction ZA - Saint-Sulpice, and stop at Beaulieu - Université. Equivalently, you can take the bus line C6, direction Cesson - Sévigné, and stop at "Les préales". Then, you can reach Irmar by a 5 minutes walk, see the map above.


Getting to Rennes

By plane

Rennes has its own small airport. Rennes airport operates flights to over 70 destinations but mostly with domestic flights (some low cost to/from the UK and Ireland).

From Rennes airport, you can easily reach the city center or the university:

  • by bus: number C6, from the bus stop "Saint-Jacques de la Lande Aéoroport", direction "Cesson-Sévigné". Stop at "Republique" for the city center, or at "Les Préales" for the university.
  • by taxi: the airport is about 20 minutes from the conference site and the city centre.

By train

It is also possible to take a flight with final destination Paris airport and then take a train (TGV) from Paris to Rennes (French national railway company website for booking tickets) . From Charles de Gaulle Airport rail station to Rennes, there are between 4 and 6 trains a day (direct, 3h to reach Rennes). From Montparnasse railway station (Paris) to Rennes, a train every 30 minutes (direct, 1h30 to reach Rennes).


Tourism in Rennes

Rennes is a vibrant university city and is the administrative capital of the region of Brittany.

Here are some useful links:

Tourism in Rennes

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