affiche du semestre thématique

A modern and burgeoning discipline, probability theory aims to describe an intrinsically random world: many probabilistic models are motivated by physical, biological or social phenomena. At the same time, probability theory has strong links with other mathematical fields such as geometry, algebra, mathematical physics, analysis, statistics and combinatorics.

The semester organized by the Center Henri Lebesgue offers a random trail, reflecting the thematic balances above. Among the eight events that will make up the semester, the 51st Probability Days, an annual francophone congress of probability theory, will offer a synthesis of recent research in the field of probability. The seven other events are specialized conferences or thematic schools, giving pride of place to the participation of young colleagues and to courses, a format allowing everyone to appropriate a field of research.

You don't need a compass to follow this trail, probability theory lies in the West of France!

Scientific coordination: François Bolley and Kilian Raschel