Post-doc positions


The Henri Lebesgue Center offers to cofinance various types of post-doc positions.

Several positions are available on our web site, cofinanced by various institutions. More information here.

Positions under the COFUND Bienvenüe programme. Applications and information website here. Applications are now closed. All information here. A new call for proposals will be open at the end of 2021.


Current job offer (application not through CHL website)

- a 12 months postdoctoral position at Mathematics Research Institute of Rennes (IRMAR) in Mathematical and numerical investigations of Schrödinger-type equations in optics. Key words: Schrödinger equation, Lugiato-Lefever equation, non-linear optics, Fabry–Perot resonator, numerical analysis, computer simulation. Full job description and contact.

See the post-docs so far here.