Rooms at the campus of the University of Brest have been reserved for all registered participants that have asked for. The rooms are located at the

Résidence Universitaire de Kergoat
4 Rue des Archives, 29287 Brest, France
Phone: +33 2 98 34 62 10 (from abroad)
02 98 34 62 10 (from within France)

The reception desk is open day and night. However, the receptionist does do a surveillance round from time to time. If you want to avoid waiting for him or her to get back, send an email to the organizer with your arrival time at the airport or the train station of Brest. The receptionist will then be informed of your approximate arrival time at the Résidence. In any case, if you do arrive at the reception desk and the receptionist is away, the cell phone number of the receptionist is displayed near the entrance, so that you can inform him or her of your arrival.

How to get there?

In order to get to the Résidence from the airport or the train station, you can, of course, take a taxi. Depending on the hour of the day, a taxi from the airport would cost approximately 25 euros, and from the train station approximately 10 euros.

If you want to take public transportation from the train station, you can take either bus number 1 direction Provence or bus number 2 direction Cavale Blanche and get off at the bus stop Kermenguy. From there, you can either walk to the Résidence in 5 minutes, or change to bus number 5 direction Gascogne and get off at Duc d'Aumale, or slightly better, at Kergoat. The Résidence from there is an easy 2 minutes walk. (see the map)

In order to get to the Résidence by public transportation from the airport, first take the airport shuttle to the tram station Porte de Guipavas and take the tram to Liberté. There you can take bus number 5 as above to the Résidence. You can also take the airport shuttle directly to Liberté, but then you would miss the brand new tram of Brest.

For time tables of buses and trams in Brest, you can consult the web site of bibus which seems to be in french only. For the time table of the airport shuttle you can consult this page in english.

What more?

Participants arriving on Sunday will find a snack in the refrigerator of their room. Breakfast will be served in a room near the reception desk of the Résidence from 8h00 until 9h00, and from Monday until Friday. Note that no breakfast will be served Saturday morning. The bakery closest to the Résidence is at place Napoléon III. The rooms will be cleaned every other day, the towels will be renewed once. Wifi access codes for the Résidence are available at the reception desk. When leaving, each participant is kindly asked to return the key at the reception desk.

The conference

Lecture room

The talks will be held in amphi E of the Faculty of Sciences. The easiest way to go there from the Résidence is by foot as indicated on this map. It will take approximately 8 minutes. Monday morning, the organizer proposes to show you the way and will leave at 8h50 from the reception desk at the Résidence.

Registration and coffee

Registration and coffee breaks take place in the hall of the Faculty of Sciences, next to the entrance of amphi E.


Participants who have an eduroam account can use the corresponding network in and around amphi E. A conference wifi network will also be available. Participants that do not have mobile devices with them, can use the computer rooms of the math department at the 3rd floor of building C for web browsing only, including web mail (see the map). These rooms are usually kept locked. Do not hesitate to ask anybody around to open one of them. The building is open from 8h to 20h every work day.


Lunch will be served at table at 12h30 sharp at the Restaurant Universitaire Armen from Monday through Friday (see the map).


Participants who prefer to cook their own dinner can use the common kitchens of the Résidence. The kitchens are fully equipped with exception of pans, dishes and cutlery. Grocery stores closest to the Résidence are at place Napoléon III.

Most restaurants in Brest are in the center (bus stop Liberté of the lines 1, 2 and 5 above), or at the harbour (bus stop Rampes of lines 1 and 2). A specialty of Brittany is crêpes (go to La Crêperie Moderne, for example). This is also your best choice if you want to eat vegetarian or (relatively) cheaply. People who like sea food may want to try out a sea food platter (go to La Maison de l'Océan or to Aux Vieux Gréements where the conference dinner will be held Thursday). If you want to have dinner after 22h you should go to Le Relais d'Alsace since most restaurants in Brest close their kitchen around 22h.

The excursion

Wednesday afternoon an excursion will be organized to Camaret. All participants and accompanying persons are invited. The boat leaves at 15h from ponton 2 of the harbour of Brest. The boat trip to Camaret takes 45 minutes. In Camaret people are free to do whatever they want: go to the beach, visit the harbour of Camaret, do shopping, etc. The boat will leave Camaret at 17h45 and arrive at Brest at 18h30.

More precisely, we leave by foot from the Résidence at 14h sharp to the bus stop Kermenguy (see the map). There, we will take bus number 1 or 2 at 14h11 in the drection of Fort Montbarey (do not take a bus ticket, we have a group ticket). We get off at bus stop Rampes and walk to the departure of the Azénor boat to Camaret (see the map). The boat leaves to Camaret at 15h sharp.

The conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held in the restaurant Aux Vieux Gréements in the brand new yacht harbour Thursday at 20h. All registered participants are invited. Accompanying persons will be asked to pay 35 euros for the menu including drinks.