All the talks will take place at Lecture Hall A of the Lombarderie Campus (UFR Sciences et Techniques) -Building # 1.

The rooms 05-07-08-09 will be also available to the participants.

Schedule in pdf

There will be 5 three-hours mini-courses accessible to non-experts, followed by a few talks dealing with more recent developments.

##Mini-course speakers:
Mohammed Abouzaid (Columbia Univ, New York): Symplectic cohomology and loop homology

Kenji Fukaya (Simons Center, Stony Brook): Cyclic homology in Lagrangian Floer theory and pseudo-holomorphic curve.

Nancy Hingston (The College of New Jersey): Geodesics and the structure of the free loop space

Kathryn Hess Bellwald (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne): Cosimplicial-Simplicial models for the free loop space

Richard Hepworth (University of Aberdeen): String topology of classifying spaces

##Other speakers include:
Denis Auroux (University of California, Berkeley)

Somnath Basu (SUNY, Binghamton)

Alexander Berglund (Stockholm University)

Ralph Cohen (Stanford University)

Octav Cornea (Université de Montréal)

Thomas Kragh (Uppsala University)

Janko Latschev (University of Hamburg)

Dennis Sullivan (CUNY, New York/SUNY, Stony Brook )

Craig Westerland (Univ. of Minnesota, Twin cities)