##Tuesday 25th august##

8h30-9h00 : Welcome

9h00-10h00: Shi Jin
Uncertainty quantification for multiscale kinetic equations with uncertain coefficients.

10h00-10h30: Coffee break

10h30-11h30: Assyr Abdulle
Multiscale methods for linear and nonlinear parabolic problems.

11h30-12h30: Alina Chertock
A stochastic Galerkin method for nonlinear systems of hyperbolic conservation laws with uncertainty.

12h30-14h00: lunch at Diapason

14h00-15h00: Alexander Ostermann
Splitting methods for multiscale problems.

15h00-16h00: Siddhartha Mishra
Computation of measure valued and statistical solutions of the equations of fluid dynamics.

##Wednesday 26th august##

9h00-10h00: Eric Sonnendrücker
Discrete action principle and hamiltonian formalism for the Vlasov-Maxwell equations.

10h00-10h30: coffee break

10h30-11h30: Martin Gander
Optimal Coarse Space Components for Domain Decomposition Methods Based on Multiscale Elements.

11h30-12h30: Rodolphe Turpault
Asymptotic-preserving numerical schemes for hyperbolic systems with source terms with parabolic limit.

12h30-14h00: lunch at Diapason

14h00-15h00: Ludwig Gauckler
Long-term analysis of numerical integrators for oscillatory Hamiltonian systems under minimal non-resonance conditions.

15h00-16h00: Ernst Hairer
Long-term analysis of the Störmer-Verlet method for Hamiltonian systems with a solution-dependent high frequency.

20h00 - 00:00: conference dinner La Taverne de la Marine (2, place de Bretagne, 35000 Rennes).

##Jeudi 27 août##

9h00-10h00: Pauline Lafitte
Higher order projective integration schemes for kinetic equations in the hyperbolic and diffusive limits.

10h00-10h30: coffee break

10h30-11h30: Jesus Maria Sanz-Serna
Word series for the analysis of splitting SDE integrators.

11h30-12h30: Siegfried Müller
Effective boundary conditions for compressible flows over rough boundaries.

12h30-14h00: lunch at Diapason

14h00-15h00: Chi-Wang Shu
Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for Multiscale Problems.