Hotels in Rennes are extremely busy during the workshop, you may not be able to book a hotel room easily by your own.

Option 1 (recommended): Book your room by yourself, as soon as possible, and as follows.

  • Recommended: go to CROUS for campus student housing (from 25 to 35 euros, for ensuite individual rooms with wifi access). You will need a copy of your student card, or a .pdf document proving that you are teaching in France. English speaking can be selected in the toolbar at the top of the website.

    Look for a room at "Rennes - Résidence de Beaulieu" (on campus) . If not available, other 'Résidences' in Rennes are fine; e.g. "Résidence Sévigné" is fairly close to the campus.

  • Alternatively (French speaking may be helpful here), go to INSA and INSA info for another campus student housing (from 25 euros, for ensuite individual rooms with wifi access). You may need to prove you are working in academics. A form to be sent for confirmation is to be found at INSA info .

  • Alternatively try to find a hotel room on the internet, for instance by focusing to Cesson-Cévigné instead of Rennes.

  • Alternatively try calling (French speaking here) Hublais.

N.B.: If you have required support, it will be provided a posteriori by sending back your bill.

Option 2: If you have problems with Option 1, ask us as soon as possible to arrange accommodation for you.

In order to book a room, please contact us directly (SimProb_'a' or contact form) and please provide us with (i) a copy of your passeport or ID, (ii) a copy of your student card if any, (iii) your personal address, (iv) your e-mail and (v) you arrival-departure dates. After a positive answer from us, in order to secure your reservation, please provide a copy of your train or plane tickets.

Getting to the Workshop

The workshop will take place in Inria building (12G) on Beaulieu campus. See the map of the campus

From downtown: take the bus C4 (ZA Saint-Sulpice direction) at "République" bus station and stop at "Tournebride". You then have to walk to Inria building (5-10 minutes). See the map of the campus.

The bus network (STAR) can be found here.