Due to the coronavirus, the semester cannot be held in 2020. Hopefully it will be postponed to 2021.

Mathematical physics is highly represented inside the different laboratories of the Centre Henri Lebesgue with teams working on partial differential equations, spectral theory, geometry, dynamical systems or probability. This semester aims at gathering international experts of these fields with all the members of the Centre Henri Lebesgue interested by the interactions between physics and mathematics with a special emphasis on the geometrical aspects. The semester will be organized around seven events of different nature (workshop, international conference, summer school) whose topics will cover the many facets of mathematical physics represented in the Centre Henri Lebesgue.

Besides these events, international specialists will be invited for longer stay in the different laboratories of the Centre Henri Lebesgue. A special attention will be paid to the training and to the formation of young researchers thanks to the master programs in Nantes and in Rennes but also thanks to doctoral courses given by some of our invited international experts and to two summer schools aimed for master and PhD students.
Scientific coordination: Gabriel Rivière and San Vu Ngoc



Geometric Modeling in Solid Mechanics (in partnership with GDR Géométrie Différentielle et Mécanique)

Piriac-sur-Mer, from june 2nd to june 12th 2020

Organization board: Guy Casale, Loïc Le Marrec, Aziz Hamdouni

From kinetic equations to statistical mechanics

Saint Jean de Monts, from june 29th to july 3rd 2020

Organization board: Frédéric Hérau (Université de Nantes), Laurent Michel (Université de Bordeaux), Karel Pravda-Starov (Université de Rennes 1)

Scientific board: Laurent Michel (Université de Bordeaux), Denis Talay (INRIA Nice), Tony Lelièvre (École des Ponts-Paristech), Isabelle Gallagher (ENS Paris)


Multiscale problems in mathematical physics

Angers, from may 11th to may 15th 2020

Organization board: Nicolas Raymond, Joe Viola

Schrödinger equations: normal forms, quantum mechanics, and nonlinear aspects

Le Croisic, from may 25th to may 29th 2020

Organization board: Zied Ammari, Rémi Carles, Benoît Grébert

Scientific board: Zied Ammari, Valeria Banica, Rémi Carles, Benoît Grébert

Stochastic differential geometry and mathematical physics

Rennes, from july 6th to july 10th 2020

Organization board: Jürgen Angst, Ismaël Bailleul, Piotr Graczyk

Scientific board: David Elworthy (Warwick), Martina Hofmanova (Bielefeld), Y. Le Jan (Orsay)

Random geometry

Rennes, from september 7th to september 11th 2020

Organization board: Jürgen Angst, Guillaume Poly


Classical and quantum aspects of symplectic geometry

Nantes, from april 6th to april 9th 2020

Organization board: Vincent Colin, Paolo Ghiggini, Gabriel Rivière, San Vũ Ngọc

Scientific board: Vincent Colin (Nantes), Tobias Ekholm (Uppsala), Colin Guillarmou (Orsay), San Vũ Ngọc (Rennes)