The mathematical department IRMAR, part of Rennes 1 University in the west of France, is advertising a 1-year post-doctoral position in the area of « computational algebraic geometry and number theory with applications to cryptography ».

This can be understood in a broad sense. For instance it includes the following topics:

  • invariant theory (in particular classical invariant theory of n-ary forms),
  • theta functions (explicit relations between a curve and its Jacobian,…),
  • moduli spaces of curves and abelian varieties (field of moduli, Siegel modular forms,..)
  • Sato-Tate or Katz-Sarnak distributions of traces of Frobenius,
  • curves with many points over finite fields,
  • curve cryptography (DLP, point counting algorithms, pairings…)

Candidates must hold a PhD thesis or equivalent in mathematics or computer science, together with a strong research record. Moreover, they have to be foreigner or if they are French, they need to have spent 12 months abroad in the last 3 years.

The starting date can be arranged as convenient between 1st of June and 1st of September 2015.

Applications and requests for further information should be directed to Christophe Ritzenthaler. Applicants should send detailed curriculum vitae, list of publications, a short research proposal and provide 2 names for possible recommendation letters.