Angers, du 11 mai au 15 mai 2020

Comité d'organisation : Nicolas Raymond, Joe Viola

*** Because of measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 in France and around the world, we are obliged to CANCEL this event. ***

The aim of this workshop is to present the latest advances involving multiscale phenomena arising in Physics. This will allow for the interaction between different research communities and stimulate new investigations on a large array of recent problems, from dynamical problems to spectral theory.


Jean-Marie Barbaroux (University of Toulon)*

Sabine Boegli (Durham University)

Philippe Briet (University of Toulon)

Mattia Cafasso (University of Angers)

Éric Cancès (École des Ponts Paristech)

Horia Cornean (Aalborg University)

Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer (UPEC)

Setsuro Fujiie (Ritsumeikan University)

Daniel Grieser (University of Oldenburg)*

Frédéric Hérau (University of Nantes)

Michael Hitrik (University of California)

Hynek Kovarik (University of Brescia)

Jonas Lampart (University of Bourgogne)

Simon Larson (Caltech)

Pham Thanh Nam (LMU)

Gianluca Panati (SISSA)

Nicolas Rougerie (LPMMC Grenoble)

Julien Sabin (University of Paris-Sud)

Nikolay Tzevtkov (University of Cery-Pontoise)

Martin Vogel (University of Strasbourg)

Maciej Zworski (University of California)*