Angers, du 18 décembre au 20 décembre 2018

Comité d'organisation : Etienne Mann

We organize a masterclass in Angers, from 18th to 20th of December, 2018. Lectures will be in the morning sessions and exercises in the afternoon. We will have two parallel sessions:

  • Igor Reider : Introduction to Hodge structure and Torelli problems
    Variation of Hodge structure, Period mapping, Torelli Problems
  • Fabien Panloup: Topics on Ergodicity of Stochastic Processes
    We will talk about Markov processes, Coupling Methods, Functional Inequalities, Gibbs sampling and Quasi-Stationary Distributions.
The organisation board will pay the housing with breakfast and the lunches. The dinners are not payed by the organizers. For the travel expenses, we will do our best in the limit of our budget.

Deadline 15th novembre. Limit 30 participants maximum.