DYNSTOCH 2016 will be hosted by University Rennes 2, campus of Villejean, at the building B, in the amphi B5 Feuillerat. Informations about access to the workshop site are provided below.

Travelling inside Rennes

For travelling within Rennes, you can either use bus or metro.

  • Single trip tickets can be purchased from the bus driver (1.50€, small change is needed) or at the touch screen ticket machines in the subway stations. Do not forget to stamp your ticket in the validator.
  • Tickets are valid for 1 hour after stamping (you can use the same ticket if you take another bus or metro within 1 hour after stamping).
  • Books of 10 tickets can be purchased (13.70€) in the subway stations (e.g. station "République").
  • A several-days pass (5 days: 15€, 7 days: 17€) can be purchased in the subway stations and is valid for 5 or 7 days after validation.

All tickets and weekly pass are also available at Rennes public transportation agency STAR (12 rue du Pré Botté, just behind Place de la République). For further information see the website of Rennes public transportation (in french only).

Getting to Villejean

From downtown Rennes ("place de la République"), take the metro, direction "J.F.Kennedy" and get off at "Villejean-Université" (duration: 10 min). Line map is here.

Getting to Villejean from Rennes train station

From Rennes train station, take the metro, direction "J.F. Kennedy", get off at "Villejean-Université".

Villejean campus map

You can download here a map of Villejean campus. The metro station "Villejean-Université" is located at the top left of the map. Here is a map with the amphi B5: amphi B5.