Nantes, from May 24th to May 26th

Organization board: Anne Philippe, Marie-­Anne Vibet, Philippe Lanos

The topics of the workshop are Bayesian statistics and statistics applied to dating methods in archaeology, palaeoenvironment and geosciences.

The sessions will be devoted to

  • the Chronological modelling (methodology, theory and applications to archaeology),

  • treatment of measurements within specific dating techniques (TL/OSL, ESR,...),

  • calibration curve building as reference for dating (geomagnetism, radiocarbon, age-depth curves,...).

LOCATION : The conference will take place in Building 28 (room Amphi G) of the campus of the faculty of Sciences of Nantes University (map of the campus).

There is no registration fee for this conference.

All the lunches and the dinner which is proposed on May 25th will be taken in charge by the conference.

This event is supported by OSUR.