Nantes, from April 4th to April 8th

Organization board: Jean-Christophe Breton, David Coupier, Bernard Delyon, Frédéric Lavancier, Ronan Le Guével, Nathalie Krell, Nicolas Pétrélis, Anne Philippe, Paul Rochet

In association with the GDR 3477, the Stochastic Geometry days aims at gathering together reseachers investigating from a theoretical or practical viewpoint random spatial models. For this 5th edition, the conference focuses on random geometry, point processes, spatial statistics, spatial stochastic fields, time-space processes.

The conference will be held from April 6th to April 8th and will be preceded by a school on April 4th and 5th. This school will propose two short courses:

Registrations are open up to January 31th 2016 for the school and up to February 27th 2016 for the conference in the limit of approximately 70 participants.

Picture of the conference.