The conference takes place in Brest, France. The city is located by the sea, the air temperature is between 18 and 28 Celsius degree, the water temperature is between 16 and 18 degree and there are no mosquitos. The beaches are located outside the city and are better reached by bus/car, a trip is planned on wednesday afternoon. If you wish to discover Brest, go on the website of the tourism office

Directions to the university

On the website of the math department, you will find all informations to arrive.

Concerning transportation, tickets can be purchased at stations and in buses but not in tramways. The same ticket works for buses, tramways and telepherique (1 hour duration) and must be stamped each time you enter a vehicle.

From the airport

The airport is located North-East of the city. Either take a taxi (15 mn, 30 euros) or take the shuttle in front of the airport. Shuttle tickets (1.5 euros) are purchased in the shuttle. The shuttle goes to the tramway terminus station (10 mn) or to the railway station. The tramway goes to the center of the town (30 mn). Get off at place de la liberté. This is the city center, from which you can reach the university or your hotel in at most 15 minutes, either by bus or by foot.

From the city center

The university can be reached from the town center or the railway station by bus (15mn) or by foot (30mn). Take the bus number 1 either in front of the railway station or from place de la liberté. Tickets can be bought on the bus. Wait until the bus takes a huge blue bridge and get off at Bouguen close to entry A of the faculté des Sciences, just after the roundabout. A detailed map of the bus stations is available on the website of the Bibus bus company.

On the campus

The mathematics department is located on third floor of the bâtiment C, the building closest to entry A. The secretary is in the library, close to the restroom and the coffee machine. The talks take place in Amphitheater E.


Annick Nicolle is the secretary of the research laboratory.

email:, phone number: 02 98 01 62 07.

The local organizers are Yves Coudène and Françoise Pène.

Brest airport

Airport shuttle

Railway (SNCF)

Brest Bus

University location

Math department

Lunchs and dinners

On wednesday, we will have lunch here

On thursday evening, we will have dinner here