1. J-M. BARDET (Paris I) : Statistique pour des processus longue-mémoire

  2. M. BOGDAN (Wroclaw) : Recent trends in sparse model selection in Large Dimensional Data Analysis

  3. P. Graczyk (Angers), G. Letac (Toulouse) et J. Wesolowski (Varsovie): Analysis of Gaussian and Wishart matrices
    P. GRACZYK, Analysis of Wishart matrices: Riesz and Wishart laws on graphical cones Letac-Massam conjecture
    G. LETAC, Interpolation of the Wishart and non central Wishart distributions
    J. WESOLOWSKI, Independence properties of Wishart matrices

  4. R. LATALA (Varsovie) : Inequalities in modern statistics

  5. H. MASSAM (York U. Toronto) : Some aspects of hierarchical loglinear models

  6. E. ROQUAIN (UPMC Paris) : On controlling the amount of false positives when making multiple simultaneous tests

  7. J. ROUSSEAU (Paris Dauphine) : New topics in modern nonparametric Bayes methods

  8. J-F. DUPUY (Insa Rennes) : Estimation of conditional extreme quantiles with random censoring


M. Balcerek (Wroclaw University of Science & Technology) : Identication methods of changes in variance in processes
T. Berrett (University of Cambridge) : Efficient Nonparametric Entropy Estimation
C. Brécheteau (Université Paris Sud) : Distance to a measure to compare samples of points
S. Mamane (University of Angers) : Variance function of Wishart exponential families in graphical models
K. Masmoudi (University of Sfax) : Finite Singular Multivariate Gaussian Mixture
M. Stolz (University of Münster) : Missing or Corrupted Data and the Marcenko-Pastur Theorem