Conference - Geometric Analysis at Roscoff

Transport information:

By Train

Sunday, October 8th (Sunday), 2017
TGV Paris - Morlaix
TGV 8615 : 11h56-15h07
Connection at Morlaix by train for Roscoff
TER55039 : 15h20-16h07

Return : October 13th (Friday) , 2017
Connection at Roscoff by train for Morlaix:
TER55010 : 12h16-13h03

TGV Morlaix - Paris
TGV 8630 14h56-18h04

By Plane

Roscoff is a 45 minutes drive from Brest airport.

There is a shuttle between the Brest airport and the Brest bus and train stations (20 min), see here. From Brest main bus station, you can reach Roscoff with buses 21 and 25 (connection at Lesneven).