List of accepted papers.

  • On the Sparsity of MRD Codes.

    Eimear Byrne and Alberto Ravagnani

  • An algorithm for decoding skew Reed-Solomon codes with respect to the skew metric.
    Delphine Boucher.
  • Subspace Packing.
    Tuvi Etzion, Sascha Kurz, Kamil Otal and Ferruh Özbudak.
  • On equivalence between some families of APN functions.
    Lilya Budaghyan, Marco Calderini and Irene Villa.
  • Generalized Isotopic Shift of Gold Functions.
    Lilya Budaghyan, Marco Calderini, Claude Carlet, Robert Coulter and Irene Villa.
  • Permutations on F_{q^n} with Invariant Cycle Structure on Certain Lines.
    Daniel Gerike and Gohar Kyureghyan.
  • On codes in group algebras.
    Wolfgang Willems.
  • Classical access structures of ramp secret sharing based on quantum stabilizer codes.
    Ryutaroh Matsumoto.
  • Boomerang Uniformity of Popular S-box Constructions.
    Christina Boura, Léo Perrin and Shizhu Tian.
  • Intersections between the norm-trace curve and some low degree curves.
    Matteo Bonini and Massimiliano Sala.
  • Graphs and Self-dual additive codes over GF(4).
    Mithilesh Kumar, Srimathi Varadharajan and Håvard Raddum.
  • Counting Boolean functions with Faster Points.
    Ana Salagean and Ferruh Ozbudak.
  • Cryptanalysis of a code-based one-time signature.
    Jean-Christophe Deneuville and Philippe Gaborit.
  • Improved Decoders for p-ary MDPC.
    Isaac Canales-Martinez, Qian Guo and Thomas Johansson.
  • Entanglement-assisted Quantum Codes from Algebraic Geometry Codes.
    Francisco Revson Fernandes Pereira, Ruud Pellikaan, Giuliano La Guardia and Francisco Marcos de Assis.
  • Homogeneous cubic bent functions without affine derivatives outside M class.
    Alexandr Polujan and Alexander Pott.
  • Fqn-linear rank distance codes and their distinguishers.
    Luca Giuzzi and Ferdinando Zullo.
  • On the security of a Loidreau's rank metric code based encryption scheme.
    Daniel Coggia and Alain Couvreur.
  • Constructions of Optimal Locally Repairable Codes with Information (r, t)-Locality.
    Pan Tan, Zhengchun Zhou, Vladimir Sidorenko and Udaya Parampalli.
  • Constructions of optimal locally recoverable codes via Dickson polynomials.
    Jian Liu, Sihem Mesnager and Deng Tang.
  • Upper bounds for energies of codes of given cardinality and separation.
    Peter Boyvalenkov, Peter Dragnev, Douglas Hardin, Edward Saff and Maya Stoyanova.
  • A Turyn-based neural Leech decoder.
    Vincent Corlay, Joseph Boutros, Philippe Ciblat and Loïc Brunel.
  • A near-optimal algorithm for adaptive searching of two counterfeit coins.
    Zilin Jiang, Nikita Polyanskii and Ilya Vorobyev.
  • Gowers U_2 norm of Boolean functions and their generalizations.
    Sugata Gangopadhyay, Constanza Riera and Pantelimon Stanica.
  • On components of a Kerdock code and the dual of the primitive double-error-correcting BCH code.
    Ivan Mogilnykh and Faina Solov'Eva.
  • On some cryptographic properties of Boolean functions.
    Augustine Musukwa, Massimiliano Sala and Marco Zaninelli.
  • Codes with locality from a cyclic extension of the Suzuki curve.
    Gretchen Matthews.
  • Proving the Forward Bias of Salsa.
    Sabyasachi Dey and Santanu Sarkar.
  • A new class of traceability schemes.
    Elena Egorova, Grigory Kabatyanskiy and Marcel Fernandez.
  • On decoding additive generalised twisted Gabidulin codes.
    Chunlei Li and Wrya Kadir.
  • On the groups of alternative operations for differential cryptanalysis.
    Riccardo Aragona, Roberto Civino, Norberto Gavioli and Carlo Maria Scoppola.
  • Probabilistic analysis on Macaulay matrices over finite fields and complexity of constructing Gröbner bases.
    Igor Semaev and Andrea Tenti.
  • The geometric approach to the extendability problem for linear codes.
    Ivan Landjev and Assia Rousseva.
  • Improvements to low-qubit quantum resource estimates for quantum search.
    Benjamin Pring and James H. Davenport.
  • A key recovery attack against LRPC using decryption failures.
    Nicolas Aragon and Philippe Gaborit.
  • Limitations of the BLR testing in estimating nonlinearity.
    Debajyoti Bera, Subhamoy Maitra, Dibyendu Roy and Pantelimon Stănică.
  • Invariant Hoppping Attacks on Block Ciphers.
    Nicolas Courtois
  • A Code-Based Signature Scheme in the Standard Model.
    Olivier Blazy, Philippe Gaborit, Dang Truong Mac, Ayoub Otmani and Jean-Pierre Tillich.
  • Homogeneous arcs and linear codes over finite chain rings.
    Thomas Honold and Ivan Landjev.